Multi-Probe+,  11 parameters (ph, turbidity, Redox …), 100 % autonomous


The Multi-Probe+ is a multi-parameter measurement probe that allows continuous quality control of water on drinking water distribution network. Many physico-chemical parameters are measured such as pH, Redox, conductivity, turbidity. Speed, flow rate, temperature, pressure are also available on this probe. Multi-Probe+ sensor is mainly for monitoring the quality of drinking water.

Application fields

  • Water treatment plant
  • Water distribution network

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Multi-Probe+ characteristics

  • Assembly/disassembly on loaded line in less than 5 minutes
  • Very low intrusion (insertion at 1/8 of the nominal pipe diameter)
  • Self powered (very low energy consumption)
  • Wireless data transmission (GPRS)
  •  RS485 link
  • Many parameters measured with a single probe

Standard turbidity measurement

  • Ultrasonic flow measurement
  • Normalized turbidity measurement (ISO 7027) with a measurement accuracy of one hundredth NTU

11 parameters in real time 

  • pH, turbidity, redox
  • Flow velocity, temperature, pressure, flow, conductivity
  • Battery voltage, 2 analog inputs

Probe usage

With a reduced size, the Multi-Probe probe is inserted directly into a drinking water line without service interruption, which provides quick and economic installation. Cleaning is automatic by means of a wiper. Designed to operate up to 16 bars, it can adapt to any installation.

Multi-Probe+ : reference EFS 8491