Turbi-Probe 860+, accuracy <0.02 NTU


Turbo-Probe 860+ system, insertion or immersion, is a measuring probe for monitoring the turbidity autonomously and continuously. With a high measuring accuracy, it is particularly suitable for controlling the turbidity of drinking water, natural water, waste water and lightly loaded industrial effluents. This system consists of a 316L stainless steel measuring probe and a transmitter which collects and process data..

Application fields

  • Drinking water
  • Fresh water
  • Treatment plant water
  • Process water

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Turbidity measurement made by nephelometry according to ISO 7027

  • Measurement range: 0 - 1500 NTU
  • Accuracy: <0.02 NTU

Turbi-Probe 860+ characteristics

  • Quick and easy calibration
  • Glass wiper automatic cleaning
  • Optical compensation by reference sensor
  • Digital transmission of sensor data
  • Scratch resistant window
  • Measurement under pressure
  • Mounting on a pipe (option)
  • Immersion and insertion mounting

Probe usage

The sensor can be installed directly on a line under pressure (ball valve DN40). The setting of the probe is carried out via the transmitter: analysis cycles parameter, cleaning frequency, configuration of alarm thresholds ...). This sensor does not require special maintenance.

Turbi-Probe 860 + : reference EFS 8521