UV-Probe 254+, UV probe - COD, BOD, TOC and SS


The UV-Probe 254+ is a multi-parameter online measurement probe that allows continuous quality control of fresh water, wastewater and industrial effluents. The system is made up of a 316L stainless steel measurement probe, a transmitter to collect and process data and an optional module for compressed air cleaning.

Application fields

  • Drinking water
  • Fresh water
  • Treatment plant water
  • Process water

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UV-Probe 254+ characteristics

  • Measurement with no re-agent nor prior filtration
  • Ultra low running costs
  • Continuous and stand alone control
  • Led UV source (ultra long life)
  • Compressed air automatic cleaning with optional EFS 8492 cleaning box

UV/visible measurement

The UV-Probe 254+ uses UV/visible technology to determine the physico-chemical parameters such as COD, BOD, TOC and SS and measures directly the Spectral Absorption Coefficient (SAC254 and SAC560).

Probe usage

The probe can be plunged directly in the effluent to be analysed or installed in a measurement chamber. To limit maintenance in an area difficult to access, it may be equipped with a cleaning box: pump system for cleaning of the measuring head of the probe with compressed air.

UV-Probe 254+ : reference EFS 8490